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VGO vs Steam

VGO vs Steam: battle of future with past

They become more popular every day and you can find them almost at every website about CS:GO. In this article we’ll explain what is VGO and what opportunities opens for us.

What is VGO?

VGO vs Steam: battle of future with past

VGO skins are skins that based on blockchain technology. What does it mean? VGO skins are a new alternative to CS:GO skins. CS:GO skins were as main currency of various gambling websites, but at this time they definitely lose ground. There are a lot of restrictions by publisher for operations with CS:GO skins. Number of these restrictions keep increasing. Moreover, a lot of trader’s accounts were blocked just for trading. That's why value of CS:GO skins becomes lower and lower.

VGO skins are protected from external negative factors because they are 100% owned by players. You can sell and exchange such kind of skins without any restrictions, since the blockchain technology is used for VGO skins transfer.

Here are main advantages of VGO skins:

  • Exchanges are easy and quick, because you don’t need a Steam account. You just need to know VGO account number (wallet) of the recipient for trading. That’s why it’s very easy to trade with these skins.

  • You are the only owner of your skins. No one can block or restrict your VGO account.

  • Price of VGO skins increasing all the time, in contrast to CS: GO skins, the value of which decreases month by month.

  • VGO skins are easy to sell and withdraw $. You just need to use Opskins trading platform to do it. Skins sells pretty quickly, because they are in demand.

  • VGO skins have huge popularity at gambling and e-sports websites with bets. You can easily top up balance at your favorite website with VGO.

  • VGO developers provide good support of their product. You can frequently find new cases with limited number of openings. Developers have fast reaction for community suggestions.

It is important to note that VGO has drawbacks too. You can not use VGO skins in all games at this moment. You can play with them in The Forge Arena now. VGO developers promise more cool games with VGO skins very soon. We are waiting for it!

Here are main advantages of VGO skins

How to get VGO skins?

We offer you to get VGO skins on our website - Farmskins.com. You can double your funds here.

VGO cases

Only 3 simple steps for getting of your first VGO skin:

  • Log in at Farmskins.com with your Steam account.

  • Top up your balance

  • Open VGO case which you like the most

You need to use Opskins Express Trade to accept your VGO skins - it is safe way to get your skins instantly:

VGO skins - it is safe way to get your skins instantly

Congratulations! You are the lucky owner of your first VGO skin.

Let’s get this straight

We believe that the future belongs to VGO, since favorable conditions have been created for the growing of this market. Adding of VGO skins to popular games in the near future will blow up the market.

We recommend for our users to try VGO skins now. Open case, win amazing VGO skin, earn money and have fun! It is worth a try!