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Item Withdrawals
I got an error when i am trying to pick up the item: "Sending item can take more time. Please wait for 12 minutes". What does it mean?
Do not worry. This is not an error. It warns you that sending a trade offer for that item may take a little longer.
Due to the recent limitations of Steam trades, we have to use a difficult system of sending items, because Steam often blocks active accounts. Our bot can deliver skin from 3 to 15 minutes.
Item withdrawal available after balance refill!
You must deposit to your balance at least once to enable withdrawal. Minimum deposit amount is $4.
"Bot or steam is down". What is it?
It happens when you click on "Accept" button twice. Do not worry, you will get trade offer in a 15 minutes. If you did not receive a trade offer after that time - please contact support.
"Blocked by anti-spam! Try again in few minutes". What is it?
This warning appears when you press the "Accept" button too many times. Please wait for a 3 minutes and try again. Do not click the "Accept" button more than once.
I didn't received any trade offers after i pressed on Accept button. What should i do?
There are a few different reasons why we unable to send you a trade offer:
  • You are not able to use Steam Trades (logged in from the new device, recently reset the password or e-mail, changed the Steam Guard security settings, VAC). You can check it by sending a trade offer to a friend.
  • Your Steam Inventory settings (Check) is set to "Hidden". You need switch it to "Public", in order to receive trade offers. (Example)
  • Check your trade offer url in the Farmskins profile and in the Steam settings - they should match. (Example)
  • Bot have a connection issues. This happens quite often, the problem is on the side of Steam service. Bot can also be locked, in this case contact Farmskins support and describe the problem in detail, including a link to the Farmskins profile (Example:, and a screenshot.
Here is the Steam "Trading and Market Restrictions" article about it:
How can i receive my CS:GO item?
  • Go to your profile page and click on "ACCEPT" button for the item you want withdraw to. (Example)
  • You will receive your items via trade offer, which you can find here:
    You just have to accept the trade request from our bot.
Please note:
  • Make sure that you can trade items with steam users and your steam inventory privacy is set to "Public". You can check it by sending a trade offer to a friend.
  • Check your Trade Offer URL on Farmskins and on Steam - they should be the same. Whenever you create a new Trade URL, your old one will be useless. Please don't forget to update it on Farmskins when you change it.
There is no such item at this moment. What can i do?
It means that we are currently doesn't have that item without a trade hold, due a last Steam restrictions on item trading.
You can do next things:
  • You can exchange your skin to the equal skin that can be instantly available for withdrawal.
  • You can request a Delayed Delivery. Your item will came with a trade offer on steam during 24 hours. Make sure that you able to use steam trades.
When will Farmskins implement instant item withdrawal?
A very soon. We are working on that.
Latest Steam restrictions have changed the community market. Some items are now hard to buy because of their unavailability. We always guarantee honest chances for all the items listed on the site.
Also do not forget that we have to wait 8 days to pick up the item. Then another 8 days so that we can transfer the item to you.
Despite the large number of restrictions from Steam, most of the items are available for withdrawal instantly.
How can i swap a skin?
If your item cannot be instant delivered - you can exchange it for equal priced, instant withdrawable item:
  • Make sure that you able to use steam trades. You can swap an item only if you did not send it via delayed delivery. (Example)
  • Click the "Accept" button under the skin. Select any skin that is available and click "Swap". (Example)
  • If the chosen skin is cheaper, then you will get a difference to your Farmskins balance, if it is more expensive, the difference will be written off from your balance.
Why there is no items for swap?
In this price category there are no items available for swap.
We regularly update the Farmskins stock. Just try to use the exchange function a bit later or on a next day.
Profile Setup
Can I use my friend's Trade Offer URL?
Due security reasons you can save only your current account's steam trade offer URL.
How can i open a case?
  • Login with your Steam account.
  • Click on your profile image, top right. (Example)
  • Enter your Trade Offer URL and click on "Save". You can find it here:
  • Click on "ADD FUNDS" button, top right.
  • Add money to your account with G2A Pay - enter amount and click on the button.
  • Choose a case which you want to buy, click on the case and then choose "Open Case".
  • Our algorithm will randomly pick an item for you and you will see a notification overlay which will show you the item you have won.
  • Make sure that you can trade items with steam users and your steam inventory privacy is set to "Public". You can check it by sending a trade offer to a friend.
  • Check your Trade Offer URL on Farmskins and on Steam - they should be the same. Whenever you create a new Trade URL, your old one will be useless. Please don't forget to update it on Farmskins when you change it.
  • You should not have any trading restrictions on Steam.
My nickname and avatar on Steam are different than on Farmskins. Why?
We receive your nickname and avatar only once during the registration on the Farmskins website (at the first visit). You probably changed your Steam nickname from then on.
How do I save my Steam Trade URL?
Very simple. Copy it from here: and save it in your Farmskins profile. (Example)
Where can I find my Steam Trade Offer URL?
First, you need to have correct profile settings on your Steam Account:
  • Go to your Steam profile and click on the "Edit Profile" button. (Example)
  • Then click on the "My Privacy Settings" on the right side.
  • Under "Profile Status" and "Inventory", choose "Public – Viewable by anyone on the World-Wide Web". (Example)
  • Then click the “Save Changes” on the bottom of the page.
  • After that please open your steam trade offers page:
  • At the sub-item "Third-Party Sites" you will find your Steam Trade Offers URL.
Please Note:
Whenever you create a new Trade URL, your old one will be useless. Please don't forget to update it on our site when you do change it.
Balance Refill
I see an error when i am trying to use G2A: "You are banned". I can not refill the balance. What to do?
We never ban users. If you see a similar error while trying to recharge with G2A, contact G2A support: Most likely they blocked your payment for security reasons and they quickly solve the problem.
I have filled up balance via G2A Pay but money didn't come. What to do?
Your payment may be delayed for 5-30 minutes. Don't panic, its a usual thing for online wordwide transactions.
If your account was not refiled within an hour, please contact the support and provide following information:
  • Transaction ID: Your transaction code
  • Payment transaction ID: Your payment digital code
That information can be found at payment confirmation email from G2A. (Example)
Contact support via live chat or e-mail: [email protected].
How can I use an Affiliate or Promotional code?
If you got an affiliate or promotional code - you can use it by pressing on "ADD FUNDS" button under your profile image. After that please choose a "Promocode" option and enter your code.
Can I refill my balance by using Steam Wallet?
Nope. You can use a Steam Wallet only for purchasing games on Steam Store.
How to get money for free?
Pay attention to our partner program: Invite people and get a percentage of their deposits. Your earnings are unlimited!
I got an error when I am trying to enter affiliate code. Help?
You only can use affiliate code when you are:
  • Didn't have any referrals attached to you.
  • Didn't used an affiliate code before.
  • Didn't opened a case before (incl. Daily bonus case).
Promo codes doesn't have any limitations.
Other Questions
How do I sign in through Steam if I am from China?
When you try to sign in to Farmskins with your Steam account you might encounter these errors: "Can't access this site" / " declined your connection request". Here is the simplest solution:
  • Click here to download the software (it is a desktop proxy plugin for Steam).
  • Run the application after downloading, click "Start Service".
  • Now you will be able to sign in to Farmskins without using any VPN services and enjoy your favorite skins!
I got a friend request from FARMSKINS ADMIN\MODERATOR. Can i trust him?
If somebody added you with nickname "FARMSKINS | Administrator | Moderator | Bot" and claims that he is a part of Farmskins team - THEY ARE NOT. IT IS A SCAMMER. PLEASE REPORT AND BLOCK THAT USER. We will never send you screenshots of our control panel. Farmskins do not buying any skins directly from a steam users. We will never add you on steam. We will never send you any files.
I have Youtube\Twitch channel. How can I be sponsored by
If you are active Youtube video maker (at least 15,000 views per video) or a twitch streamer (at least stable 300 live viewers) email us: [email protected]
A subject of your email should be: Youtube\Twitch Sponsorship. Please use your business email address for that.
Do not forget to include your channel URL and Demographics by country information.
I am from Denmark / Belgium / Netherlands. Why I can not use Farmskins?
You cannot use the website because transferring of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive items and opening of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cases is prohibited in your country.
Is there a case constructor on the site?
Nope. Our cases are perfectly balanced. Because of the latest Steam restrictions on item trading, we can not keep all possible skins constantly on bots.
Why should I trust Farmskins?
Farmskins - one of the oldest available case stores, working all over the world.
Or take a look at our tournaments: