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Login with your Steam account
Save your Trade Offer URL in order to receive items
Add funds by using G2A PAY
Open cases at the best prices
Item Withdrawals
I got an error when i am trying to pick up the item: "Sending item can take more time. Please wait for 12 minutes". What does it mean?
Item withdrawal available after balance refill!
"Bot or steam is down". What is it?
"Blocked by anti-spam! Try again in few minutes". What is it?
I didn't received any trade offers after i pressed on Accept button. What should i do?
How can i receive my CS:GO item?
There is no such item at this moment. What can i do?
When will Farmskins implement instant item withdrawal?
How can i swap a skin?
Why there is no items for swap?
Profile Setup
Can I use my friend's Trade Offer URL?
How can i open a case?
My nickname and avatar on Steam are different than on Farmskins. Why?
How do I save my Steam Trade URL?
Where can I find my Steam Trade Offer URL?
Balance Refill
I see an error when i am trying to use G2A: "You are banned". I can not refill the balance. What to do?
I have filled up balance via G2A Pay but money didn't come. What to do?
How can I use an Affiliate or Promotional code?
Can I refill my balance by using Steam Wallet?
How to get money for free?
I got an error when I am trying to enter affiliate code. Help?
How to get the wallet code on CS:GO Pay
Other Questions
How do I sign in through Steam if I am from China?
I got a friend request from FARMSKINS ADMIN\MODERATOR. Can i trust him?
I have Youtube\Twitch channel. How can I be sponsored by
I am from Denmark / Belgium / Netherlands. Why I can not use Farmskins?
Is there a case constructor on the site?
Why should I trust Farmskins?